Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why There is Almost Certainly A Multiverse

There has been a lot of debate about just how and why our universe seems so "fine tuned" for life. That is, there are certain constants of physics that must be a certain value or else life is impossible. Of course, theists have seized this as evidence of god. Other, perhaps more imaginative people, have speculated that there are many universes, and of course with trillions of universes (or an infinite number of universes) one would eventually come about that could support life. I thought of both of these as pure speculation until now.

As some of you may know, I argue that the universe started from nothingness:

Of course, outside the space of our universe is an infinite amount of nothingness (an infinite amount of nothingness must exist by definition) and therefore there is an infinite number of universes. Even if the creation of universes is extremely rare, there must still be an infinite number of them. And by the way, I suspect it is rare: I think it comes about by a statistically improbable concentration of quantum fluctuations.

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Reasons To Believe is a creationist organization but they do good science when it comes to Astronomy